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William Land Park

Sacramento CA

presented by: JC and Jeff

Two of the biggest issues that non-golfers have with the game are time and money.  Most people bitch about how slow a round of golf is and how expensive it can be.  Well, JC and I set out last week to solve this problem and found two courses that do just that. 


We had the opportunity to play two different 9-hole courses in the Sacramento area that offer rounds of golf that can be completed in well under two hours.  The first course was William Land Golf Course, which offers a Par 35 layout and has a complete proshop and restaurant.  The second course was Bradshaw Ranch Golf Course, which is a Par-3 design, offering a small proshop with snacks and beer.  Both of these courses cost under $20 to play and are perfect for a quick Sunday round with your buddies.  Where else can you play for so cheap and not take up your whole day!?  We highly recommend both courses for beginners, as they are player friendly and a great way to get into the game of golf. 

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