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Welcome back… Major Championship Golf!

We missed you!

The great part about Major Championship Golf is it means the most. The PGA Tour is wonderful from week to week but this is why guys watch! We want to see the best guys, playing the best golf courses, and be challenged.

The PGA Championship has provided some unique champions. From multi-winners like Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, and Rory Mcilroy to guys like Yang Yong-Eun, Jason Dufner, Jimmy Walker, and Justin Thomas have also hosted this great event.

The year 2020 has been a bladed 3 iron to the you-know-what.

But for some of our favorite golfers, it might have been a needed break.

  1. Tiger removed himself from the “Players.”

  2. Brooks' left knee or game was not in any shape to defend his back to back PGA Championships.

  3. Jordan Spieth has not been popular on top of the leaderboards for a while.

So with all the crap that has taken place these past few weeks, this is our first true test for these guys' games. Sure, “Jacks” tournament might have tested a few players, but it was nothing like a Major Championship.

Majors are supposed to kinda suck. We want these guys cold, worn out, and, at times, pissed. I know you and I love to see these guys struggle at times because we all know you and I do!

This week's Major is at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco California. It’s a public track that will cost you more to stay and play than The Aloha Press Classic in Tahoe.

By the way, if you're reading this and you haven't signed up yet, you are going to miss out! We are running out of spots! Hurry, before it’s too late. CLICK NOW TO SIGN UP.


By the way, if you read to the end, I have a special in mind for you!

Back to the golf course.

TPC Harding Park is a municipal golf course and was built in 1925. It’s an old school style golf course that is tree lined with a deep 3 ½ inch rough.

Guys who have to play well!

-The Heavy Hitter Bryson needs to show the world he is the real deal. Put down the protein shake, your pride, and start making headlines with your play at the PGA.

-Brooks has to put on a show! This guy was made for the big moments. Give us a three-peat and we might crown you the next really big thing.

-Phill needs to bring back the magic. I mean the constant chase and determination to pull off the crazy tough shots.

-Anyone without a major championship. This is your opportunity to win a cheap major Championship. The Tiger Tax is not a factor this week because San Francisco killed some of his power by not allowing fans.

Who is your pick this week?

Submit your pick right now click here!!!


JC - Webb Simpson

JEFF - Brooks Koepka

BEN - Xander Schauffele

YOU - ? Don’t wait to enter your pick and win gear!


Tiger Woods has switched putters.

Tiger has gone with his trusty old faithful to win 14/15 majors. But he was switched to a Scotty Cameron that looks identical, besides the dent in the center of the face, but it is a bit longer and has adjustable weights.


At this point in time, no cases of Covid have been reported!

Me chanting… Bring in the FANS… Bring in the FANS…

There has to be a few on the streets of San Francisco.

Maybe invite the silver robot man from Pier 39? Click here

More Breaking NEWS: John Daly has withdrawn from this year's PGA Championship.

To add to this year's WD: Ryan Moore, after playing at the Barracuda Championship, decided to rest his body and skip the PGA??? Yes I am puzzled. You skip a major. CAN I TAKE HIS PLACE?




It sure is. I reached out to our loyal listener and newsletter contributor @offthedeck_golf for his advice on cashing in on some bets. Alright, call your bookie and loan shark, head to Vegas, and make some bets! (For the purpose of this article this is all bullshit/not advice, and if you get your leg broken from a guy who smacks a seven iron like Bryson, then that's on you!) So, let’s say, you and I are going to put up $100.00 (We’ll call dollars “points” for legal reasons.)

Burning 100 “points” betting on the PGA.

It’s that time again: major championship season. We all know what that means. Time to claim the TV, fire up the grill, drink some ice cold man sodas, and make some bets.

The safe bet: Want to ensure you have someone to root for on Sunday? Throw 10 points on JT. You can get him at +900 (bet 10 points to win 90 points). Let’s face it, this is an absolutely safe bet with as well JT is playing currently. So, with the other bold bets yet to come, this pretty much ensures you a decent chance to break even.

The sleeper: Joel Dahmen is your answer. He’s the everyday man that can go very, very LOW. Last week he was on 59 watch on Saturday for a little bit. Joel was -7 through his first 12 holes and that included starting off with a bogie. Pairing his golf game with his bucket hat game, this man deserves a 20 point at +20000… that’ll win you out a hefty 4,000.

Who to bet on and who will place in the top 10:

Bryson: The man is functionally insane, and his odds are +175. Bet 20 points to win 35 points. That doesn’t sound like the greatest payout, however the rumor is, this course gives advantage to the long ball and nobody else is better right now. A top 10 is almost a lock as long as there aren’t any ants on the course.

Tommy Fleetwood: The hair! What else needs to be said? Well, maybe his phenomenal golf game. With odds of +400, a 20 points bet will win you 80 points and allow you to watch Tommy tear it up with the luscious flow knowing he is going to help pay for the steaks you’re currently burning on the grill.

Kuchar: Kuch is always brought up in the conversation for the best player without a major. Will he get it this week? Doubtful, but will he place in the top 10? That’s very very possible. With his odds at +750 to place in the top 10, 20 points will win you 150 points. Not a bad bet, probably my favorite.


Tiger: You can’t not bet on the cat, especially if he’s making a charge. I’m not going to say he’s going to win, but a top 10 is what we can get behind. The odds aren’t great at +250, a 10 point bet will win you 25 points, but it’s the cat and so all logic is thrown out the window.

Thanks Oliver!

In other golf NEWS

LPGA is back in Ohio at Highlands Meadow Golf Course.

This week, the LPGA is headed back to their typical format of 72 holes and the ladies will be playing for a purse of 1.7million.

This year's defending champion is Sei Young Kim and played it at -22.

It is going to be another great week for the ladies, but is going to struggle competing for attention while the PGA Championship is on going.

I love golf, but things have to change. I might be wearing my tin foil hat, but hear me out.

Why doesn't the LPGA play Sunday-Wednesday? The NFL, College, and High School Football all have days they play on why can’t it be the same?

I think I would watch more LPGA and less dudes on the range on a Wednesday.

I would love to hear your take!!


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Edited by your favorite home room teacher, Janise.

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