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Winning Solves Everything

Tops, Slices, and a Shank are not the typical shots you see on the PGA Tour. Well, The Players Championship was filled with them. The PGA Tour promoted the all access pass, and we got to see the good and the bad shots.

Let’s start with the bad shots.

Bryson can drive it 370yards and also top it into a lake. Watch

Lee showed his slice game off the tee. Watch

Todd won the shank award on hole #17. Watch

But the Best shot of the week was when Dustin Johnson smacked the flagstick on hole #17 and his golf ball was tossed into the pond! Watch

Does Winning Take Care of Everything?

Justin Thomas has had his struggles over the past several months! Including losing his grandfather and the incident in Hawaii. But winning always helps!

Justin Thomas just Played Better.

First two rounds JT was 2 under and was at risk of missing the cut.

Final two rounds JT played it 12 under and got a W. JT might have gotten a few lucky bounces but simply played great golf that we have come accustomed to! JT ad’s a Players Championship and is now owned by the PGA Tour.

Did you miss JT kicking ass? Here are a few highlights from Sunday.

JT is 28 years old and has 14 wins...hmm

JT wasn’t the only Winner.

Lee Westwood might have needed to hole out from the 18th fairway to push JT into a playoff, but he did drain a long birdie putt to secure 2nd place. It ended up being about a $500,000 putt. Now that’s drama! Bryson lipped out on 18 to secure a T3. Watch it fail to drop.

Lee might have lost two weeks in a row <<<BUT>>>

In the post round interview, Lee had a refreshing take on his loss. Lee stated he has been a bit tired with his legs but was excited to visit Augusta National to play a 36 hole practice round with his new caddie. Lee is taking his son to play Augusta National today and tomorrow. Lee stated his son will be his caddie in a few weeks.

25 days until the Masters!

Chicks Dig the Long Ball, Why Doesn’t Golf? Part 1 of Hell Who Knows

: Matthew Stone

At the beginning of the year, we had the USGA and R&A release the Distance Report. In recent months, all we have seen is people talking about how distance has gotten out of control. Or how the newly added distance is just fine, and what to do about it, and so on.

I plan on making this a couple story series but who knows, maybe my thoughts will clear up everything in one go, we shall see.

To start we have to look at most recent news, the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, where Dechambeau stole the show.

Let me make this abundantly clear, I am not knocking his win one bit whatsoever, this is purely a look at the par 5 6Th performance. The internet felt like it was on the verge of breaking as soon as Bryson double fist pumped on the tee. Bryson to an insanely aggressive line on the 6th, knocking it 370 yards on the 555 yard par 5. Of course, this is insane distance and does seem unfair. Still, at the same time, Rory was tracked to have taken an even more aggressive line and hit it further than Bryson (@rorymcilroytracker on IG), yet we didn’t hear much about it. Why?

I (Matthew) think a lot of why is part of the whole distance issue that golf is facing and has been seemingly battling with big bombers like McIlroy, DJ, Koepka, Bryson, and of course Tiger over the past 20 years (trust me he is a part of this too haters).

In the early 2000’s when Tiger was massacring PGA fields/courses, there was a movement called “Tiger-proofing” courses. This is where we originally started seeing courses such as Augusta (The Master's) moving tees and creating holes that were longer or required more precise placement for scoring. In the most recent Tiger doc on HBO, Stevie Williams told the story of Tiger smoking his 3W past Mickelson’s Driver at Augusta. So yes, this is how long the distance conversation has been bouncing around.

So first and foremost, let's discuss feelings on distance. I understand that equipment has changed over the years, I have an old early 90s driver that is the size of a typical hybrid nowadays. So yes, distance has changed with equipment changes, we aren’t stupid, but at the same time look at the individuals who lead the tour in driving distance. Bryson had to bulk up 20+ pounds and alter so many mechanics in his swing to get the distance he has, DJ has been doing the same things for years, but at the same time, I want to point out a couple others: Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy. Both of whom are shorter than DJ (by a lot) and weigh less than Bryson (BY A TON, trust me). My point is this, if you’re a naturally gifted driver of the ball like a Rory or DJ, then you are going to be long no matter what, a lot of it has to do with biomechanics and physics.

But if we scale back the ball and scale back equipment, guess what? We will still have the same Results because if you’re long, you will still be long, and if you’re a shorter hitter then you will still be just as short. There is no way to accommodate things to allow a Kisner to bomb it 320 and scale a DJ down to 290. Plain and simple, if you want to argue with me, I will gladly put my PhD to use and discuss anything you choose.

Here is where I feel the tours and golf, in general, can make a true impact on Changing distance to equalize players. Change the course setup, don’t advertise a tough and daunting US Open to trim down the rough or slow the greens down all because a few players complain. Bring back a sense of utilizing all the shots and clubs within the bag. Make it a priority to be accurate, then if you bomb it 370 down the middle, then no one can complain, but don’t diminish the attributes of a course where a Bryson (for example and again I am not taking anything away from him because he played the course) can just bomb it and let it go in the rough and still score like he did at the US Open. Tighten fairways, grow the rough or make varying length cuts again, and make greens challenging. Im not advocating for a setup that causes a normal event or major to be won at 20 over par because that is just as boring as those higher scoring events. I’m just advocating for a setup that truly allows for risk and reward while also making players think.

I feel this is long winded, but I will come back with a part 2 that brings it all together because I feel like this is an opinion that most golfers think. We can’t get upset because a pro is longer than us, I mean thats why they are pros guys!

Catch you Aloha Press junkies and golf degenerates next time!

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