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Good Morning loyal reader. You thought you were going to get my smart ass remarks about this year's Ladies Women's U.S. Open Champ didn’t you? Well mother nature wanted to put her mark on the U.S. Open before we end this foolish year of golf.

Sunday’s play was suspended due to a light sprinkle of lighting🌩 and a few inches of rain. The USGA decided the course was unplayable and suspended play for today (Monday). But the delay is going to bring an uninterrupted day of golf. No Football, PGA Tour, or Church will give anyone any excuse not to watch this finish.

The ladies will hit the course at 9am ET, But the final group will be teeing it up at 1045am ET.

But the complaining has already begun. This week, most players have complained about mud on their balls, but the USGA has confirmed they will finish the tournament as they started with mud balls. But the dirty balls aren't the only thing to look out for. The Monday finish will bring temperatures in the 40’s and wind 10-15mph. Good Luck, Ladies.

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Could you have your girlfriend carry your golf Clubs?

-Lee Westwood got it done this week at the Race to Dubai. He took home 3 million by winning the race. Westwood is 47 and probably a hero for most golf fans.

QBE Shootout gave us a great Topic…

This week the PGA Tour decided to show off their power and play a weird three-day match in Florida. The QBE Shootout was essentially your weekend's best ball tournament but with tour players. I’m sure it was great to watch guys play a different format.

Matt Kuchar and Harris English walk away with the victory at -37 under and break their scoring record and possibly Twitter.

Matt Kuchar has a history of not paying caddies the standard wage, but he might have gotten away with another missed payment. Matt selected his son to carry the bag for him this week, and the golf world is going to wonder if Matt honored the 10% RULE? Matt walked away with approximately 475k in cash.

Dirty Golf NEWS…

-NFL has more control than you think. Tom Brady and Head Coach Bruce Arians planned a golf trip during the bye week. But the NFL Shut it down, citing the need for the bubble.

-How do you want your drinks delivered on the course? Well, Michael Jordan has his own golf course, and they deliver the goods via DRONE. Learn how to be a member of 100.

-Henrick Stenson's steals Ian Poulter car keys.. Funny Watch

-How far do you hit your 8 iron? Well, this asshole hit it 302 yards. He might be a long drive champ, and drinking protein shakes with Bryson. Crazy Watch...

How do you finish a tournament when your father-in-law passes away on Saturday? Amy Olson is currently sitting in second place and will have to finish out Monday’s U.S. Open.

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