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Welcome to good "Berger" home of the good "Berger"

Golf is back and it did not disappoint.....

or did it?

Let’s start with the good stuff!

This week's winner is Daniel Berger.

Who would have thought with this star studded event, Daniel would have walked away with the trophy (Plaid Sports Coat?) Daniel and Collin Morikawa ended the round at -15 and headed to sudden death. ((Playoff) no death)

Morikaway pushed his tee shot right into the tree lined fairway and Berger hit a baby fade (small slice) down the middle of the fairway. Morikaway punched it close to the green and chipped it even closer (4ft. to the hole). Berger hit his shot a bit long but recovered by chipping it close and tapping in for a par. Morikaway lipped out his par putt and crowned🤴Berger.

The finish was not typical.. It was different. No crowd, no hugs, no handshakes, and no chest bumps. Just a group of men fist bumping.

So congratulations Berger, I would have acted a lot different but you're the professional. Are you kidding me, you just made 1.3 million…. I would be losing my mind. I would be making it rain. (Daniel Tosh explains it best.) https://youtu.be/fwMb5TaYQxg.

Alright, Moving On…

A couple weeks ago, I was watching the central Idaho cornhole semi finals on “ESPN the Ocho.” So I'll take a stacked leaderboard with many of the top guys creating compelling T.V. But what did you think of the broadcast? I thought the coverage was ok. With so many guys at the top of the leaderboard, I wish they would have shown more golf shots. (I’m not talking about the view of the golf ball in the air against the blue sky.) But I thought Jim Nantz (aka Jim Jim) and Sir. LA De Da Nick Faldo, held it together and did the best they could..

But what happened to players being mic’d up…

And who nominated Ricky Fowler? He is horribly not entertaining at all. I figured I was going to get the whole Phil treatment. Telling us what he was thinking about. But Ricky just talked me to sleep.

Now, Joh Rahm would be entertaining mic’d up. At one point in the tournament he muttered something in Spanish then tomahawked his driver into the ground. Let's hear some rage or as we call it (Passion).

Now, I asked in a previous newsletter if anyone was going to return to golf looking a bit different. Damn, Bryson! Damn. What are you doing? You said you wanted to gain some weight and hit the ball further. Instead you crush that 5.5 lofted driver and look like you ate your previous self.

Bryson explained he was working out 3 times a day and drinking 5 Protein Shakes. I guess when you need to hit bombs you need to put on the LB'S. Phill are you listening?

***If you ain’t First your last!****

Well the man the myth the legend, Jason Dufner definitely did not have his best stuff, he did secure a last place finish today..and cashed in $18k...

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