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Traditions Live On!


I believe traditions keep history alive and allow us to keep an eye on the future and what it might look like. Year 2020 punched a hole in many traditions, large gatherings, travel, handshakes, dinners, and spending time with family and friends.  

But what 2020 took from me, I gained a little of it back Thursday morning. My son and I sat on our comfy couch in our pj's, he was drinking milk, and me drinking anything with caffeine in it. Together we watched the ceremonial First Tee with the Golden Bear and the Black Knight. The Master's ceremonial first tee gave me a tradition with my son. 

(Don't tell his mother, my son will be missing the next 17 years of school on Masters Thursday Mornings)

As The Master's Started, it quickly ended with a rain delay stalling any hope of Round 1 concluded on Thursday. But that's ok we were graced with some incredible golf.  

It looked like Augusta played a little easier due to the rain and pin placements, but I am sure the greens/pins will become rather challenging as the tournament moves forward.

Did we forget how good Tiger Woods is at this place? I mean, the guy looked right at home. It looked like Tiger was swinging with some freedom, and his irons looked dialed. Tiger shot a four-under bogey-free round and put himself in a great position. He will have plenty of rest come Friday.

Hot Topics….

Fan-less Masters? I hate it. But it does give an interesting view of what the property might look like if us common folks ever have the chance to play it.

We asked our selfs and Guest on our YouTube Show what they would give up to spend 24 hours at Augusta. Check Out Their Answers. WATCH

How low will JT (Justin Thomas) go? 

Jt is currently five under through 10 holes. JT looks in great form to go real low.  

But how low will these guys go?

Paul Casey is playing out of his mind and putting just incredible. I mean, his NIKE outfit was horrible, but his game was on point. Shooting the low round 65 and currently leading. 

Alright, I know everyone is talking about the BIG Hefty Bryson, but we might need to touch on it. How good did he play for driving the ball so horrible? But was anyone else smiling when Bryson hit his ball into the bushes on 11 and 13?  

How Good was the all-day coverage?

I felt like I was an NFL producer staring at 6 different monitors trying to keep up with all the golf action. I loved the ability to watch individual players and the ability to go back and watch every player's golf round. I love the technology! 


Lee Westwood and Louis Oosthuizen are both at four under and looking prime. Do these guys have any chance? 

The Worst Outfits? I need your help deciding. 

--Enjoy Your Friday--

Golf Coverage Starts on ESPN & Master App. @ 0730am Eastern Time.

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