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Thursty Thursday

Andrew Tate has been canceled. You might be asking who the hell Andrew Tate is. Well, he is a genius, a master communicator, and said some things that just needed to be said.

6 months ago, Andrew Tate took over the internet and was on a war path.

Andrew Tate⬆️

Platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram have removed him and his content from their platforms.

Do I think this is a violation of the Freedom of speech? Absolutely!

So with the news of Andrew Tate being canceled… I did some digging… You know, some real investigative journalism stuff.

I learned Andrew wasn’t kicked off of OnlyFans…

Aloha Press Only Fans Account 😳 -> CLICK

So The Aloha Press has decided to sign up for OnlyFans… No, not as viewers but as content creators…

Yes, the porn website… They reached out to Jeff and me and liked what we had to offer… My first thought was that I knew god had a plan for me, but was shocked it was this.

On a serious note. OnlyFans wants more content creators that might P.G. up their content. They might be shocked about what we have to offer.

So in the coming weeks, look out for more info on how to subscribe to our OnlyFans. The good news is now you can tell everyone you have an OnlyFans for golf, not for the other stuff.

You're Welcome.


See you tomorrow!

P.S.I think we just saved a few marriages.

P.S.S. The Aloha Press Classic sign-ups end in a few days… Whip out that little black card and sign up before it’s too late.

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