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On any given Sunday.

This term is used for our nation's great sport.  

No, not golf, but Football!

It means it is not over until it's over folks!

In the golf world, if you can go real low, you can earn yourself some big coin.

Remember, Golf doesn't give a shit what you look like, how far you hit it, or what boring logo is stitched on your polo (unless it’s The Aloha Press logo, then it's “sick”. Sick meaning cool). All golf cares about is you putting that dumb little white ball into a hole really far away 18 times.

Simple, right? 

Sir. Nick Faldo is golf’s John Madden. Nick constantly tells the viewers if you hit the ball in less strokes than your competitor, then you will win. Thanks Nick! I think we can figure that part out.

But sometimes golf is just that simple.

So, back to my point.

What would it feel like to hoist your own trophy on a Sunday?

Wait JC what are you talking about? 

Imagine a Saturday filled with birdies and you putting yourself into contention on Sunday.

A final group pairing and a chance to win.  

Can you see yourself celebrating on the 18th green at Edgewood, Tahoe?

I know I can!

So, join The Aloha Press crew at Edgewood Tahoe for its Aloha Press Classic.

A two day stroke play event (including handicaps) to win real cash and bragging rights for life.

For more information about our golf tournament click the link! LINK!

PGA Tour

Looking back, I guess you could have predicted this week's winner!

The Wyndham Championship crowned their new lifetime Super 8 motel guest (information not confirmed) Jim Herman.  

Jim came down the stretch without faltering. Jim shot 61 & 63 on the weekend to cash a check for $1.1 million!

Jim isn’t your typical PGA Tour Player! He, at times, struggles with his mental side of the game, but does have an ace in the hole! Jim has a history with our Commander and Chief! Jim and President Trump have played with each other just prior to each of Jim’s victories!  

So, Mr. President, I’m gonna need to schedule a tee time with you just prior to the Aloha Press Classic! Maybe October 2? I know you're a busy guy, but let me know! 

Moving on! Jim wasn’t the only story this week! However, it was the final time this year we have to hear about the top 10 guys playing for the Wyndham Rewards! In case you missed it, here are the guys who finished in the top 10 and split a 10 million dollar bonus!

We also finished the final week of the PGA Tour Season! Yup, it’s over. Well kinda…

We have the next three weeks of Fedex Playoffs, where the top 125 players get down and dirty in an attempt to take home another huge bonus!

Two years ago, it was $10 Million for the winner.

Last year, it was estimated Rory Mcllroy took home close to $15 Million! 

One guy who made a huge move to get into the Fedex Playoffs is your winner Jim. Jim moved from being ranked 192 to heading into the week at 54. Zack Johnson and Shane Lowry also snuck into the top 125.  

Alright enough of this PGA Tour nonsense.

Let's get to the LPGA!

Stacy Lewis locked down her 13th victory after a four person playoff. Stacy outlasted some great talent at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Ladies Scottish Open at -5! Stacy beat out Emily Kristine Pedersen, Chenne Knight, and Azahara Munoz.  

As soon as Stacy finished her victory, she jumped onto FaceTime and got to share her victory with her family! Such a great moment for her!!

Hot topics: 

  1. This week the Master’s announced a fanless event. 

  2. Tiger Woods is playing in Boston this week. 

  3. JC is in need of a 3 Wood, any suggestions? 

  4. MOM hits the range and gets laughed at! But who laughed?

  5. Watch our promo video for the Aloha Press Classic!

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