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Me yelling “FORE” at the year 2020

Who would have thunk it? This year has been a memorable one. You know when your grandparents would start out a sentence, “Back in my day...” and you just rolled your eyes?

Well, in my day, a lot of bad shit happened in 2020. Now, now, I get it. There are many things I am blessed for. (Listen to the podcast to learn more.)

But….the Masters was cancelled.

No fans, Bryson won, and I hate the stupid flag stick and the foam thingy in the bottom of the cup. Does anyone else miss that sweet sound of a birdie putt hitting the bottom of the cup?

Now the Ryder Cup has been Postponed.

I still feel embarrassed about the USA team losing to Europe in France. Ahh, now we have to wait another year. I can’t take it anymore!! 😡😡😡 I am fully aware this is an exhibition match, but come on. In my opinion, it's our fifth major championship. I guess the safety of our fans, players, and blah blah else is important. We will have to be patient and PRAY🙏 for golf (LIFE) to go back to normal.

Moving on. The golfing world has been graced with three days of talk about Bryson Freaking DeChambeau. I won't bother you anymore on my takes on Bryson, but I did find this Twitter post funny.

So, if you want mine (JC) and Jeffs golf takes (you guessed it) listen to the podcast/YouTube Show.

NOW! How in the world did we get here? From Detroit to Dublin, Oh. We are settled in for two weeks of the same golf course: Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.

  • So... If you win this week, are you the defending champ next week?

  • Does this mean you have won “Jacks” tournament?

  • Bryson is taking a week off. Can Sir Nick take one?

  • Would you play the same golf course 8x’s in 10 days?

  • How many of you sexy readers are just now learning the PGA Tour is playing at the same venue but just changed the title sponsor?

If you have any answers to the questions above please respond.

Good news is I have submitted my application to join the Muirfield Village.

Bad News: I’m going to need to borrow $50,000 to join. But you can be my member guest. hehe jk. I can’t join a club like this, especially if the PGA Tour is going to roll through town and take up two weeks of prime golfing.

Anyways, who do you have this week?

Send in your picks, to have a chance to win some awesome gear.

Or don’t. I get it. You don’t like free stuff. Lol

I am going to go out on a limb and pick a long shot to win this week. I have a feeling this particular player is finally going to play to his potential.


Shane Lowry

Well the Work Day Charity Open will host many of the top players. No Tiger. But we have a few big names in the field. Phill, Brookes, little Brookes, and many others.

Which Group Would You Want to Play With?

A:Brooks, Justin, and Day

B:Jordan, Phill, Cantlay

C:Woodland, Hovlend, and John Rahm

C:Woodland, Hovlend, and John Rahm

D:Wolffe, Ricky, and Patrick Reed

I could go on and on… But here’s what you need to know right now.

  • Jim Mackay aka “Bones” (Phill Mckelson’s old caddie of 20 years) is back on the bag for Matthew Fitzpatrick. Apparently Matthew’s caddie is stuck in Europe and he was in need.

  • The IVY League Schools (hey siri what the FXXX is an IVY League) announced they have cancelled all golf. Again, if any of those rich smart kids want to contribute to The Aloha Press, text or call. I need a tax person.

  • LPGA is scheduled to return to Ohio at the end of the month but faces challenges due to their tour returning to Scotland in the middle of August.

  • No fans next week at the Memorial.

  • The Italian Sensation, Francesco Molinari, makes a move to California.

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