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Just The Golf Tip Tuesday

Welcome back to another edition of Just the Golf Tip Tuesday...

I never paid any attention to the lie when I was chipping.

When I had the chipping yips, I tried everything.

New wedges, different bounce, and I even considered one of those gimmicky wedges...

You know the one I am talking about... Infomercial, late-night T.V. Wedge...

But it got so bad, that I started chipping one-handed😳. Shot one of my best rounds like this🤷‍♂️

At one point, I was chipping one-handed… But this video is an excellent example of how John Rahm thinks about different chip shots around the green after accessing the lie.


Talk to you tomorrow...


P.S. If you are feeling left out because you are missing this year's Aloha Press Classic, then pretend you attended by buying some Classic Gear!!

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