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PETER ALLISS passes away and inspires.

For most American Golf Fans, the utter of “Peter Alliss” you might not know who the hell I am talking about. But if you turn on his witty, straightforward, honest commentating during the Open Championship, you would remember his voice.

We only had the pleasure of hearing once a year, but it was a treat! Peter Passed away at age 89 on December 6. Golf Channel did a great highlight of his life. Watch the video; it’s incredible! Watch...

I love the part he flips off his teacher, who said he would not amount too much.

It reminds me that hard work, dedication, and honesty will empower you to achieve any goal! www.thealohapress.com

Did I hear an applause?

Oh, you sure did! As the PGA Tour announced, the Mayakoba Classic would not have fans at this week's event, but I was utterly confused as you heard applause in the background.

And why wouldn’t you! Victor Hoveland came down the final few holes making great pars but needed to make birdie on 18 to end the dreaded Puerto Rico Curse…

Victor not only had the inspiration from our loyal fan/reader (Eddie), who picked him to win this week. But he rolled in a 12 footer to end any chance of a playoff with Aarron Wise.

Victor Hoveland ends 2020 with his second victory and leaves with 1.3 million dollars richer.

Chilly in TEXAS...

2020 has been a good year for the hoodie. But it made an appearance again as Texas Native “Angela Stanford” shot a 67 to win the VOA Classic. Angela played incredible golf and added a 7th victory on tour at age 43. Watch the Highlights of her round… Watch

Other golf news....

We tend not to cover too much European Tour Golf but hell why not.

Bezuidenhout goes back to back in his homeland of South Africa.

-Ricky Fowler has dropped out of the TOP 50 in the world with a missed cut this year.

-It’s rumored that Brooks Koepka has left a pile of irons in Mexico after missing the cut this last week.

-JC is eating a Tequilla Worm or Scorpian on this weeks podcast! Check it out anywhere you get your podcast or Join Our YouTube Channel!

-Joel Dahmen learned how to putt like Happy Gilmore? Yes, he sure did, Joel was on the practice putting green and was trying the method out on Saturday and decided to put it into play. He ended up T20 and almost 100k in winnings.

Are you a DUMMY?

Are you like me and buy one sleeve of golfs at a time? But then you end up spending the first few holes tramping through the woods, weeds, and sometimes the pond trying to find that $5.00 Pro V1x?

I used to be so conservative off the tee because I was not in the mood to pump $30 worth of golf balls into the woods. So I would play sub-par golf balls with little to no spin around the green and felt like hitting rocks off the tee.

But then I discovered Lost Golf Balls. I was a bit skeptical because I had purchased used golf balls in the past, and they looked like someone had repainted them with white out.

Well, I tried them anyway and was shocked by the quality. I chose a bucket of 2018 Pro V1x and have never found one with a scuff or blemish. They are brand new in my book. But I did find out I still occasionally hit them out of bounds, but instead of losing $30 around, it's more like $3.00 a round. Check them out and let them know JC with the Aloha Press sent you.

Just a reminder the JC Screwed Up Sale is still in effect! We have a few sizes left. Let me know which one you need me to mail you!


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