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Hungover from all this drama!

Oh my, what a week at the Memorial.  

Are you hungover from all the drama like I was? 

Good News! We are back at it, and this week we head to Minnesota.  Damn! I (JC) do it every time.  I pronounce Minnesota with that damn accent.  I’m sure I am not the only one, right?

Welcome to TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota.  Designed by Arnold Palmer and only stretches out to about 7500 yards.  

Check out the scorecard and course design

If I were in the field this week, I might be getting a few more strokes than normal.

Good news! I am not playing this week, but neither are you because it is a private golf course.  But maybe that’s not a problem, money bags.  This week you would only have to fork out 10 to 30k, up front, and then it's just $300-600 a month.  Easy peasy.  But it's freaking MINNESOTA.  They don’t even play football outside during the winter.  

Moving on.  Enough of my accent and weather report.  

This week does not have all the top guys in the world playing, but it does have a few.  Some of these are not bad at winning on the PGA Tour.  

From DJ and Brooks to Tommy Fleetwood and Paul Casey, even the defending champion Matthew Wolff is in the field.  

But of course, no Tiger or Phill.  We can only assume Phill has returned to the looney bin (I mean driving range) to work on his 78 yard putts.  


This week has really failed to provide any juicy headlines, but then it fell right into my lap, and I can't wait to share it.  

PGA Tour Player Martin Trainer is in the field.  

Martin won the 2019 Puerto Rico Open with his caddie Aaron Crawford on the bag.  Good news is Martin’s PGA Tour card is good until 2021, but Martin has missed 28 of the last 29 cuts.  

So… That has to be tough on the caddie’s salary.

Well not anymore…

Aaron Crawford showed up Monday without his caddie bib and qualified for the final spot in this week’s 3m Open by shooting a 63.  

How crazy is that?

  • What did Aaron say to Martin? 

  • Can they carry each other’s bag? 

  • Does Aaron need a sponsor? 

  • If he wins or makes the top 10, does he fire himself as Martin’s caddie?

Good news is Las Vegas has both the Caddie (Aaron), I mean player, and the player (Martin) at 1000 to 1 to win.  But it's an interesting story at the very least.  

So who do you have 

A:) The Caddie/Player Aaron 


B:) The Player Martin

I figured while you were responding to the email, why not ask you to answer another question? 

Who Plays Better?

Chase Koepka or Brooks Kopeka?

And the final question you need to answer.  Who is walking away with the big Cardboard Check?  And what happened to the big Cardboard Check? -side note The Aloha Press is having its first ever golf tournament, I think we need a big ass check!!

So who is your pick this week? 

Send in Your answers and I'll give you a huge prize.  

Like really big. A REAL BIG ONE 😉

My Cohost @JefferyBellotti cashed in last week by picking Jon Rahm. 

And he has PICKED another winner of Aaron Wise!

I went a different route and picked Tommy Fleetwood.

So who do you have this week? 

In other golf news!!

Lexi Thompson (11 time LPGA Winner) came up 1 shot short of Sunny Kim (King of the Minor League Golf Tour) at the Minor League Golf 2 day tournament at the Plantation Preserve in Florida.  She walked away with $1,000.  For the full story check out https://minorleaguegolf.com/result.asp?ID=2732

Lexi will be in next week's LPGA event. 

Golf Trips? 

Are you thinking about taking a trip? 

The Aloha Press teamed up with 


to get his 5 golf travel tips

 for planning and 

executing an epic golf trip.  

  1. Location – I can’t stress enough, if you are planning a golf trip, plan it somewhere that has a different landscape then where you live!  With the Corona Virus going on, cheap flights are there for taking advantage of, even for the next few months.  So if you’re landlocked, find a destination that has some water.  If you usually play flat courses, find some elevation changes.  But most importantly, make sure there is something fun to do in the area as well.  Thirty-six holes every day can be a grind, if you’re in a new part of the country, check it out and explore.

  1. The Courses – Do you’re research, what’s the point of dropping money for a trip just to play some goat ranches?  With that being said, make sure you play courses that match your skill level.  Nobody is going to have a good time getting beat up by every course you play.  Finally, make sure the course vibes well with the group.  If shot-gunning beers on the opening tee box gets your group kicked from the course, then that’s probably not where you need to book your tee time. 

  1. Drinks – Let’s be real, you’re on a golf trip with the boys.  The drinks are going to be flowing. My advice is drink the local beers – you’re somewhere new, try out what they have to offer.  Maybe there is even a local brewery or distillery near by that’s worth checking out.  If drinking isn’t the groups’ recreational activity of choice, check the local food scene. 

  1. Scheduling – We all know the point of the trip is to get some golf in, but let’s be real, I’m not golfing on Sunday afternoon of the Masters.  So don’t be the guy that leaves the morning open and schedules the round during the big game.  Sure, it might suck waking up early after a night of checking out the local bar scene but a little hair of the dog and relaxing watching whatever sporting event is on that night will just hit differently.  Which brings me to the final point…

  1. Attitude – Rule numero uno:  DON’T BE A Beeeep. It’s that simple.  Don’t be the guy that complains about everything or questions what the group wants to do, or else that will be the last golf trip you’re invited on.  Literally do the exact opposite, put forward an effort.  If you roll up on the first tee and pass out cigars for everyone, that starts the trip out the right way.  Everyone is there for a good time and if you make an effort to make sure that happens the trip will be one to remember. 

Thanks Oliver!  To learn more about Oliver check out his Instagram @OFFTHEDECK_GOLF

It’s 102 degrees out. 

Sweat is pouring into your eyes. 

Your on the 18th tee box 

And you can taste the refreshing alcoholic beverage from inside the cool 19th hole. 

One problem, you look like you went swimming in the pond on the 16th hole.  

But you were a boy scout today and packed your favorite Aloha Press T-Shirt.  It's light, soft, and looks f-ing amazing.  Plus, the last time you wore it, the Bartender (Jimmy) (insert your bartender’s name) complimented you on how soft it was.  

Except one problem, you forgot to order it. 

Now you're all sweaty, you're not going to get that compliment from Jimmy.  

So stop walking into your club house looking like you went swimming and join the Family. 

The Aloha Press Family.  

Order Yours Today.  Not tomorrow, but today. Right now. Click here!!

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Edited by your favorite 8th grade English teacher, Janise.  

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