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Go Low or Go Home…

Or go next door & Party…

The ZoZo Championship was filled with sounds of your typical neighborhood. Lawn mowers, loud music, and even a few house parties. Guys were making putts and tipping their hats to the crowds of people hanging out on their decks.  

So I put on my real estate hat and checked out a few properties to join the neighborhood. You know, the Aloha Press is doing well; we just hit 59 subscribers on YouTube. Why not get a fall/summer home in the hills outside of L.A. to record a couple podcasts. LISTEN PLEASE

👀uhhh👀 The Aloha Press is gonna need a few more subscribers to start thinking about these homes.

$4.5 Million 👀 👀

Anyways… Let’s celebrate Patrick Cantlay getting it done on Sunday by shooting a 7 under round to get to -23 for the tournament. Patrick was just the better player for the entire week. He only made two bogeys the whole week, and the first one came on hole 8 in the final round.  

Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of guys who made a run at him earlier. John Rahm and Justin Thomas battled down the stretch, but Justin ended his day by making a few huge mistakes. Justin hit it in the penalty area on 15, in the creek on 16, but gave himself an excellent chance at birdie on the short par 3 17th. Justin missed by an inch and the tournament was over for him.  

John was a bit more controlled with his game but was unable to make any putts down the stretch. Running a putt by on both 17 and 18 to put him in a tie for second with Justin.  

Patrick Cantlay simply just played better. Patrick lacked any real fireworks and just played some great consistent golf. Patrick in my book might look like a huge betting favorite here in a couple weeks.

If you are not familiar with Patrick’s story, I dare you to read a brief summary. I’m not going to get into it because it will just make me cry. But Patrick is the man! An incredibly talented, resilient player, who deserves everything he has worked for. Learn more. 

The Pairing We All Wanted...

Tiger and Phil in a real golf match in a real tournament. But a little late. Tiger and Phil were paired together Sunday but lacked the energy of the final group we so desire as golf fans. Tiger and Phil both played horrible and unable to go low.  

So who actually won today? I would say the third wheel in the group was the actual winner. Adam Long had the pleasure of playing with his heroes today.  

With Phil’s success on the Champions Tour and Tiger playing very little golf, will we ever get the pairing we want one more time? Is it a fall Masters? Fanless, but paired together to have a chance to win another green jacket? Or are those days long gone with Lefty and Mr. Victory Red? I sure hope not. Phil, I need you to get Bones back on the bag and Tiger head to Vegas and get back with your old swing Coach Butch and let’s get back to the old days. How does that sound?

Lets us know what you think....RESPOND


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Did the LPGA Just Get Cool? 

This week, the LPGA was at the Great Waters Course at Lake Oconee, GA for the Drive On Championship. But what got my attention was the fans. And I mean the FANS… I’ve decided all golf should be played in the state of Georgia if we can have our fans back! I heard boat honks, people yelling from their backyards in support of a tour that is on the back burner on an NFL SUNDAY. 

But winner Ally McDonald took down Danielle Kang on hole 18 and the lake erupted in cheers and boat horns. Ally WAS not only secured her first professional win but also did it on her birthday! Happy B-Day Ally. 

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