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Welcome back, you sexy readers…

I hope you had a special holiday.

And if that offends you, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Las Posadas, Diwali, and Chinese New Year.

Christmas Eve (or whatever holiday you celebrated), news broke that Greg Norman (The Sea Snake) had been hospitalized with a positive test of Covid. Greg is doing ok and has returned home after being administered some type of cool medical stuff. Unsure how to spell or say the terms used.

Other than that, golf news has been filled with a few recaps and predictions for golf in 2021.

But if you need of A full breakdown of 2020!

Then check out our latest episode on YouTube… WATCH>>>

Jeff and I broke it down, hitting on all the hot topics.

From Bryson’s Protein Shake to us Trading places with Dustin Johnson.

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But I figured while I have your attention, I wanted to point out a few things we golfers had to overcome on the golf course in 2020. I am sure most media outlets might be afraid to tackle this topic but I’m not. I figure if you can’t laugh at it then stop reading, unsubscribe because I am going to continue to offend you! So get ready. Set.. Go…

2020 on the Course...

I look back at the beginning of 2020 and remember a mild winter with lots of golf. The courses were not packed and if you wanted to book a last minute tee time it was as simple as booking it online or calling the pro shop. But as the pandemic hit our nation, golf suddenly stopped. Hell, the whole world stopped. We were told to stay home and only come out for toilet paper (LOL).

But golfers are addicted to this game. I think Rick James said it best. watch…

So as a golf community we figured out a safe way to play this wonderful game. But at the start, it was definitely not perfect.

Courses removed all flagsticks, rakes, garbage cans, water jugs, sand bottles, carts, and even flipped the cups upside down. So we wouldn’t be tempted to touch anything.

But then the golf course became a little more flexible by adding the covid free pool noodles to the cups and making it mandatory to keep the flagstick in. That seemed like a blessing. I hated playing golf with the cups sticking out of the ground like we were at some putt putt course.

In the meantime, we learned more about covid and golf immediately became more popular. It was a great solution for most folks working and staying at home. It is a sport you can get outside away from people and smash a little white golf ball. And Golf in the United States in the year 2020 was up 13% per Golf Course News.

Even though more golfers were entering the game, so were the beautiful entrepreneurs of the world. Golf courses all of a sudden started inventing new products to keep you and me safe out there on the course. These contraptions were almost as ridiculous as the pool noodle. But we needed our golf. It was our fix so we dealt with them! Let's take a look.

Now, after 9 months of dealing with rules, regulations, and these magical inventions, it is nice to get back to normal. I love the fact more people are playing golf and they are contributing to courses that might have closed like in the last recession. But as our flagsticks are back, cups are normal, and we have our precious bunker rakes, I want to reflect on how crazy a year of golf we had!

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