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Golf, Turkeys, and Hotdogs

Thanksgiving began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessings of the harvest and of the preceding year.

I (JC) want to give thanks to you! I am so thankful you have joined our journey and shown your support, encouragement, and love for The Aloha Press. I am so proud of the community we have grown in just a few short months. You have put up with the bad grammar, poor spelling, and my occasional off the wall rant.

I am thankful for every reader, listener, and viewer of our message. You are the one who gives me the motivation to go all in, chase our dream, and Aloha Press. I want to thank you for joining our community of like-minded golfers. But always play fast (HIT BOMBS), have fun (Attack PINS), and always Aloha Press.

Turkey day might be reserved for the Lions and the Cowboys, but Friday is reserved for...

This Black Friday, we will be graced with another episode of the MATCH. It was a crazy idea several years ago, with Tiger and Phill battling for 9 Million Dollars. But this year it is a little bit different.

  1. The event will be hosted at Phill Mickelson owned golf course Stone Canyon in Arizona… I just hope this Match is Hurricane/Monsoon free.

  2. No Tiger Woods or Tom Brady this year, but they are replaced by TNT Announcer and Space Jam Star, Charles Barkley, and Golden State Warriors PG/Stephen Curry.

  3. Phil and Charles will be teamed up against Payton Manning and Stephen Curry. They will be playing alternate shots.

  4. Charles has his own tee markers.

  5. The event will be raising money for Historically Black Colleges/Universities and raising awareness/spotlighting opportunities for diversity & equality in sports.

  6. The event will be shown on TNT at 3pm Eastern.

  7. Gary McCord will return to golf Broadcasting just 30 minutes from his home in Scottsdale.

Which Pair do you have this Friday?

Do you need to feel good about your golf swing? Then Please Watch..

But the Wild Card of Charles is looking better than ever. Charles told Digest, "I have put the effort in, I put the work in, and I'm hoping I just can handle it under the pressure," he told Digest. "Let me just say this: I'm not bragging about it, but nobody has worked harder than me to be better at golf. I have hit balls five hours a day for the last six months. I just really wanted to get better at golf."

Thoughts from Oliver @ Offthedeck_golf

So we know what we’re erring with Phil. We’re going to get some sayings that will blow up the internet, and rightfully so...they’re funny. Plus he’ll hit some really, really great shots.

The same goes for Peyton. The dude killed the commentary in The Match 2. With that being said, the two things I want to see the most are Steph’s golf game and Charles Barkley just doing anything for 4 hours, especially golf.

Let’s start with Steph’s golf game; the guy has played in multiple web.com events and shot some decent scores, including some low 70s rounds. However, I’ve only heard about these scores and never have had the chance to see him play a full round. I’m excited to see where his game excels and make him such a good player.

Finally, Charles F&$%# Barkley, what is there to say? This man is awesome at everything he does and cracks me up. Now you’re saying I get to watch him golf (which is peak physical comedy alone) and couple that with his reactions? Count me in. The interaction between Chuck and any of the other players will be pure gold. Start taking notes because we’re going to have some one liners to steal. Other Golfing NEWS…

The Shark is on the beach and showing off his flipper if you know what I mean. Greg Norman knows how to go viral and did it with posting some pictures. CLICK…I warn you can’t unsee it.

Check out this weeks Episode on YouTube...Watch NOW or later!

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