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GOLF Vacation…

The best right? I know family, friends, blah blah, but GOLF Vaca is a must every now and then! I can only imagine what it’s like to be a PGA Tour member but I would think it's very much like being on golf vacation. People are friendly, helping you with your bag, maybe you have a caddie, the golf course is amazing, and it feels like you're the most important player! 

So this week the boys from the PGA Tour head down south to the lovely Dominican Republic for the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship.  

The defending champion “Graeme McDowell” is back in the field and hopefully will get hot again.  

A couple notable guys in the field this week and they are Henrick Stenson, Charles Howell III, and Will Zalatoris.  

Check out our picks on this week’s Aloha Press YouTube Show…

-Here is the time the championship will be on! 

Payne’s Valley Cup:

If you have no clue what I am talking about then you are not alone.  

The “Payne’s Valley Cup.” featured a brand new resort course opened in Payne Valley, Missouri and designed by TIGER WOODS.  

This event featured Tiger and Jt playing against Justin Rose and Rory in a Euro vs USA style match.  

Tiger and JT ended up beating Rose and Rory but the trash talking was actually ok. JT is a character when he is not in full pga tournament mode and is actually likable. I found an article that highlighted a few of the funnier moments. JT even called Tiger “Dumb Dumb”  CLICK HERE

The Golf Looks amazing tho.. It even includes a 19th hole that appears to be floating on a ledge of a cliff.

You might think this course tho private is unreasonable but it actually isn’t too horribly expensive!

In other golf news:

  1. Your favorite C.E.O is planning on stepping down to chase a dream of designing golf courses. Yes, the USGA C.E.O. MIke Davis announced he will be leaving the USGA in 2021. 

  2. LPGA is off this week. 

Story Time!!! 

With all the travel talk, I figured why not reach out to our audience and see if they had any advice. Big thanks to @KClovesgolf for submitting an awesome story with some advice to all of us. 

Rent or Bring Your Own Clubs-

The first week of August, my family and I took a family vacation to Outer Bank, NC. My wife treated me and my father-in-law to a round of golf for father’s day. Prior to leaving for our trip we picked a course nearby and booked our tee time. 

Naturally, the question arose, “Do we bring our clubs, or do we rent clubs from the course?” After some discussion and weighing the options, we decided to rent. 

Here is what we considered: 

·   How many rounds of golf were we going to play: 1. 

·   Renting clubs vs. checking our clubs at the airline cost: It was about the same cost to rent as it was to check our bags on the flight. 

·   Amount of other crap we were bringing: 4 backpacks, 3 carry-ons, 1 checked bag, 2 car seats and the proverbial partridge in a pear tree. And that was just for me, my wife and 2 kids. This did not include the in-law’s crap. Plus I didn’t want to jack with 2 golf bags?

·   I also investigated having our clubs shipped to the course through one of the new “club shipping companies.” The pricing was damn close to the same across the board, give or take a few bucks.

·   Club type: When calling to book a tee time, I asked the pro shop expert what kind of clubs were available for renting. The expert on the phone said they had the new TaylorMade Sims available. I thought, this is great! We will get to try new clubs and it may persuade one of us to buy new clubs (if we could just

then convince our wives into approving such a purchase, which is not likely). 

So our minds were now definitely made up and the morning of our tee time was finally here. We arrived at the course about 45 minutes before our tee time to get in a range session. We both wanted to make sure we were acclimated

before starting our round. Upon our arrival, we were first greeted in the parking lot, “Where are your clubs?” We explained the rental situation and which clubs we were renting per an earlier discussion. He then told us we were getting the older set of clubs. My father-in-law and I thought, “Cool, we’ll get M5s or M6s.”  

Still no worries!

We went into the clubhouse to get our rental clubs. Excitement building, new course and new clubs! And now the anticlimactic shock…blowing dust off the new clubs. 

That’s right, the clubs were so old and out of rotation, I literally blew the dust off the clubs. Thinking Indiana Jones and relics that “belong in a museum.” Needless to say, they were not Sims, M5s or M6s. We were disappointed with the quality of the clubs; they were mediocre at best. 

To paint you a picture, the grip on the putter in my bag looked like they had taken a shit ton of Elmer’s glue, smeared it all over the grip and then rolled the grip through the hair on the floor of a dog groomer. And the kick in the ass,

the glue never dried. The grip was sticky, not in a good way, and hairy. If you are visualizing this, you can imagine it was hard to putt with this amazing grip. Which would clearly explain why my score was not as good as normal, I could not be the player, had to be the putter. The rest of the bag was a mixed set of TaylorMade clubs. Some graphite shafts, some steel shafts, one wedge per bag. We had to share the 56 and the 52. It was a painfully pitiful!! I was VERY disappointed with renting clubs! But was this only because we did not get the clubs we were told we

would be gaming for this round? 

Now, usually I am not someone to complain about shit like this (especially since it was a gift), so I did not complain. But I wish I would have. This was unacceptable. When you tell a customer what kind of clubs you rent or and say you have plenty, make sure EVERY customer gets the set you told them, especially, if

you say, “We have plenty of sets.” 

So, in my opinion, I would rent clubs again based on these considerations:

·   How many times are you playing: If you are playing two or more rounds or going on a golf trip, I will most definitely be shipping or checking my own golf clubs.

·   Renting clubs vs. checking another bag cost: Since prices were similar it was really a wash.

·   Amount of crap: Way too much! Next time leave wife and kids at home, take one carry-on, and check the clubs. 

·   Shipping clubs: Totally worth trying! Refer to the first bullet point to see if price is worth it. 

·   Type of club the course offers: Next time, I will make sure I play the clubs I was told.

Some situations lend themselves to times where it is appropriate to complain about “sticky hairy grips.”

Ultimately, “You must choose, but choose wisely.”

I chose…poorly…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the newsletter! I know this week is tough with little golf on but keep your head up and get out and play. And remember to always hit bombs, attack pins, and Aloha Press! 

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