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A major morning and a DJ evening beat down. 

Can you imagine giving up on your dream?  

This year might have made you contemplate giving up.  

Throwing in the towel on your dreams and saying fxxx it.  

But You and I are different!  

Dream it, and then do it! 

It doesn't matter what kind of hand you’re dealt, if you don’t like the poker hand, then play go fish.  

Hell, this week we saw it!  

Yup I’m talking about the Ladies Open Championship at Royal Troon.  

When I turned on the television, I was inspired and proud of our country! 

Yes sir/ma’am. Proud to be an American! 

Sophia Popov might have a little German flag next to her name, but she was born in America. Sophia took home this year's first LPGA Major Championship. 

A little background for you: 

Sophia, as of a month ago, was a caddy for her friend Anne van Dam

at the LPGA restart event Drive on Championship.  

Sophia also isn’t on the LPGA Tour and was ranked 304 in the World.  

By the way, she has a total career earnings of $100,000 in the last 7 years.  

But all has changed!  

Sophia kicked ass in some tough conditions. This week was a true links test. These girls played in 4 club wind and rain that would make most of us head back to the club house and ask for a rain check.  

Sophia might have a bit of Aloha Press Flair. She was quoted as someone who tends to go after every flag and was seen on Saturday hitting her driver off the deck to go for it in two! Sophia on Sunday appeared to be a seasoned veteran on the tour, shooting a 68 to close out her first Major Championship.  

Sophia, you inspire us to always chase our dreams. By the way, Sophia beat her friend Anne Van Dam by 8 shots T44. 

Yo, DJ spin that shit.

We have a new world #1 hit. 

Nope, it's not Justin Thomas or Rory Mcllroy.  

Dustin Johnson decided to skip JT and Rory and push Jon Rahm back to #2 in the world.  

Dustin Johnson went -30 under par and beat the runner up (Harris English) by 11 shots at the Northern Trust.  

DJ absolutely kicked everyone’s ass. And when I say everyone, I mean the top 125 on the PGA Tour were at this event. The man took home a check for $1.7 million in prize money and is also in the #1 spot in the FedEx Cup.  


  1. In DJ, Phil, and Tiger’s first 271 PGA Tour starts, DJ has 22 wins. Phil has 20 wins, and Tiger Woods has 71 wins. Tiger’s winning percentage was 28% in his first 271 starts.  

  2. Tiger Woods’ career earnings are $120 million, and DJ $66 million. 

  3. Tiger and DJ have both been arrested for a DUI.  

Caddie Down

When people say golf is not a sport, I laugh. They usually are the guys puffing on a menthol, drinking out of a 24oz can, and are a bit overweight. But this week did not make a strong argument for golf.  

Scottie Scheffler (MR. 59) was playing in the second to last group, when his caddie, Scott McGuiness, injured his right leg after he jumped to see where Scheffler’s ball landed. McGuiness had to be carted off the course.  

If golf is a real sport, tape that shit up and limp your ass to the finish line. Right? 

Mcllroy needs an enemy!

After Rory’s round on Sunday, he explained he has been just going through the motions. Rory stated he wants to get some intensity but it is difficult with the atmosphere. Tiger Woods was told about Rory’s comments. Tiger explained it is different out there. Tiger explained that when he hits a great shot, at times, you have no clue because he is missing the roars. Tiger said the energy is not the same, and the tournament doesn’t have the same energy, anxiety, or the same pressure. 

Check out this clip of Rory hitting it backwards. 

Just a heads up this is the part of the newsletter I rant. Hold on tight folks.  

Ahh you know what, I changed my mind. Download and listen to the Aloha Press Podcast to hear me lose my mind about Rory's comments.  



One of our favorite golfers has finally gotten to that magical age of 50.  

Yup that is right, Phil Mickelson is headed to the Champions Tour. He missed the cut at the Northern Trust and explained he is going to play in his first ever old guy event to prepare himself for the U.S. Open. 

This news feels like it deserves a thumbs down.

I couldn’t find a picture of Phil giving a thumbs down, so I think this will do. 

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