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big SHOTS, big TALK, and big CROWDS at Harbour Town?

Is this the new normal? Fan-less majors. Are we starring at the future of golf? Swing hard and hope it goes straight. No fans but grandstands in backyards? How do I get tickets? hmmm... Canton, Gerogia to Hilton Head, South Carolina, who's with me? 

Seriously, would you go?  Could be fun if they had a front row seat, pool, and maybe a nacho bar! hmmmm  Reply to the email and let me know what snacks you enjoy watching golf.. 

Alright, getting back to the light and funny info your looking for.... Who has enjoyed no fans? A quote I located from Rory---“I sort of like it. It's quiet. You can get from A to B and not get stopped 20 times,” Rory McIlroy said. “We all miss the fans, and the fans make the atmosphere, but at the same time, it's sort of nice to be able to just go about your business.” This makes me sick...Rory, hello. We are the FANS who pay to watch, buy gear, clubs, and subscribe to your dumb podcast with Carson Daly.... Who else might enjoy the lack of fans.... Patrick Reed ehhh... I mean you get caught cheating... of course your going to hear it from the fans... your supposed too....  But the FANLESS event's will continue The PGA Tour originally stated the first 4 events were going to held without fans.  But NOW they are estimating approximately the first 7 events will not have my favorite drunk guys yelling "GET IN THE HOLE."   And don't forget about California... The First Major Championship of the year... PGA Championship reported it will be without fans... This will be tough to watch as Brooks Koepka defends for the third straight year...

PODCAST? listen now.

Mic'd up Players

  • Justin Thomas said no way to being mic'd up.

  • Ricky Fowler excited to be mic'd up again.. Am I the only one who thought he was boring...

  • Just an idea... No fans at the course but we get to pick who is mic'd up....

  • I mean some of the great moments in golf were caught with a hot mic...... DO YOU NEED EXAMPLES? 

Brooks said to Rahm (after he holed out), "Pretty Fucking good there." 

As we settle in, WE are going to watch another great field of top tour TALENT... No Tiger but we will have D.J., Phill, J.T., Spieth, Bryson, Bubba, and many other favorites... The boys (JC and Jeff) released their weekly podcast/Youtube show and made some predictions. JEFF led off with picking Jim Furyk: an oldie but a goodie... Jim has won once before at Harbour Town in 2015 over Kevin Kisner. JC decided after about 2 seconds of thinking it over.. and picked Rory McIlroy So who do you Pick? Let us know on instagram, facebook, youtube, or respond to our email...


  • $285 to play Harbour Town Golf Links

  • The course stretches out to 7099 yards

  • Looks like the boys could get some rain on Thursday & Saturday with a little wind.

  • Defending Champion: C.T. Pan

Good - Of the players and caddies testes their has been zero confirmed tests of "Covid-19."  Apparently the crew last week avoided all door handle licking and are all ready to go. BAD - The boys on the Korn Ferry Tour are not so lucky.  An unknown player and three caddies tested positive for the virus.  They have been told to self quarantine for 10 days until they have had two negative test results.  (If any players need a caddie? I'm available, KIDDING NOT KIDDING. I'm also going to need a baby sitter. ehhh.) 

Well boys and girls, it was fun... Happy Father's day Hit Bombs Attack the Pin Always Aloha Press See you Monday p.s. if you shared the email, you have been entered into win the Aloha Press Hat... the drawing will be held Friday... HURRY. p.s.s. If you send in your pick via email... and you pick the winner I'll send you some free merchandise... "JC" 

Are you interested in contributing to the newsletter? Do you want to be apart of the team/crew? Are you thinking about sponsoring our newsletter or podcast?  Email JC at  or TEXT/CALL @ 209-256-2696

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