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4 Wood kinda Monday?

I hate this Fxxking Hole…

If you have played any golf in your life, you and I (JC) have both muttered these magical words. It is the golf hole that doesn't make any sense in your brain. Well, you and the President of the United States have something in common…

President Trump played golf on Thanksgiving Day at his golf course Trump National Washington DC. He also voiced his hatred for the third hole after he hit it into the water. President Trump looked and sounded like most of us 😳😂. WATCH


In case you missed the action…

Phill and Charles made birdies on the 15th hole to close out Payton and Steph with ease 4 and 3 over.

But what was most remarkable was Charles only shanked one shot and played his ass off.

Phill made it enjoyable with his endless gibberish about reading greens, talking about wedges, and instructing what clubs Charles could use and not use. It was a spectacular education lesson from Phill and for all the fans (ME).

The competition was not there, and it showed the difference between your local +1 handicap (Steph) and a +5 Pro Golfer (Phil).

But it was a great event that raised a bunch of cash for a great cause, and TNT did a pretty good job at presenting the golf product.

Questions I would ask the players.

-Phill, What was your thought when Charles threw your wedge into the bushes? Watch...

-Charles, How did you fix your swing? Watch...

-Payton, are you getting replaced on the Next Match?

-Steph, how many Zebras did you have to kill to make your golf outfit?

Other Golf News…

-PGA Tour has formed a strategic alliance with the European Tour. This is probably an attempt to grow each other's global brand and keep the PGL(Professional Golf League) from taking over the Euro Tour. This news broke on FRIDAY, and few details have emerged. Geoff wrote an interesting article on the topic.

-Dustin Johnson has withdrawn from this week's Mayakoba Golf Classic, citing he needs a break and wants to spend more time with his wife and boys.

5 things you need for WINTER Golf❆🌨..

  1. Hand Warmers… Go on amazon and get you a box. They are cheap online but expensive at the course. They last all-round and will make golf so much easier.

  2. Rain Gear… Do not rely on your trusty iPhone Weather app because it has failed me before. Throw in your golf bag a nice set of rain gear. I wear the Aloha Press Champions Rain Jacket, and it works fantastic. It is lite and packable, plus it looks amazing, oh and it has a pocket for those hand warmers.

  3. Water-Resistant Shoes… The reason why I didn’t say waterproof because most golf shoes say they are waterproof and rarely are. So get a decent pair of waterproof golf shoes with spikes. Yes, screw in spikes. They will keep your feet dry and prevent you from slipping in wet & muddy conditions.

  4. Gloves… So those used worn out golf gloves you have stored in your golf bag all season. Do not throw them out. They are great in the winter. Or do what I did and spend a few bucks and get a pair of winter golf gloves. You might look like Tommy Two Gloves for a round, but they keep your hands dry, and they keep your hands on the clubs. I use the Mizuno all leather gloves and have had the same pair for 4 years. They work great!

  5. Golf Towels... Lots of towels. At least 1 for the cart seat, 1 for your clubs, 1 for your face, 1 for your hands, & 1 for your balls. I use a few Aloha Press microfiber towels, and I use an old fashion beach towel. But I always carry a few extras just in case an accident happens out on the course.

Additional gear… I would always suggest bringing an extra set of clothes whenever there is a chance of wet weather. Plus you can get all the necessary gear right here at the Aloha Press Store. From socks, to jackets we have most of it. Buy it today before we sell out!


The Aloha Press SHOW…

Jeff and I will be sitting down later tonight and talking everything golf news… Plus much more! Are you subscribed to our YouTube Channel? Well you should be. You not only get to see our beautiful faces but also we have a few interesting videos, and photos to grab your attention. Subscribe NOW...

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