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When I finally figured out how to log into my NBC Peacock account, I was immediately blasted with information about how women are worth watching. And I agree they are worth watching but I feel like you are preaching to the choir here.

But it got me thinking about the product of Women’s Golf. I looked back and realized the delivery of their product sucks. So I thought of a few ideas to bring more viewers. Keep in mind these are half baked ideas and most of them were curated in the shower. AKA Shower Thoughts.

  1. Drama… I need more drama.. Give me a couple shots a week of players getting angry at each other, themselves, their caddies, or an official. I am not saying go full Ron Artest… BUT we definitely would be talking and watching it more often.

  2. Rivalries.. We need a few players who are open about wanting to kick the crap out of the other players. Pair these players together, sit back and enjoy.

  3. Relatable Stories. Lady Golfers have an incredible story. Tell it. I can only imagine a Korean player telling a story about the struggles to get to the highest level.

  4. Mix the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour a few times a year.

  5. Hard Knocks but for golf. Create a show once a year to tell a group of golfers stories. Like Hard Knocks, MTV The Real World, or The Big Break.

  6. Announcers… We need to spice up the announcers. Let’s say shit we are actually thinking. I thought you might need an example. Fxxk Lexi what are you doing out there? Bryson’s Caddie might need to head back to protein land.

The USGA Women's U.S. Open is halfway over and looks like an exciting field come the weekend.

The first two days were out of the norm due to the two course set up but neither course played favorites to the field.

But your current leader is no rookie at Majors (She Won the 2019 British Open),,, Hinako Shibuno is -7 under and running away with it. She is known for her smiles but after this week, she might be known for her Majors. By the way, this is her first U.S. Open.

Wait, could it happen? The last Amateur to win the U.S. Open was back in 1967 by Catherine Lacoste of France. But this week, we have a few Amateurs in the final group on Saturday. Linn Grant and Kaitlyn Papp, sit within five-strokes of the 36-hole lead.

Cristie Kerr is also in the mix come Saturday. The Veteran is coming off a Golf Cart Accident last week that landed her in the E.R. with a few scrapes and dislocated ribs. She is playing through the pain and is 5 back.

Highlights from Round 2..

How to watch this weekend..

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The Race to Dubai

Patric Reed is in the lead at the DP World Tour Championship and is trying to do something an American has never done before. He is attempting to win the Race to Dubai. It’s the European Tour version of the Fedex Cup. A race to some cash.

But the Honorary Member of the European Tour has some company that is hunting him down.

QBE Shootout.

With the USGA Women's U.S. Open Battling for air time I have not been a massive fan of this event. I agree they are raising a ton of cash for charity, which I love, but I think this weekend should have been reserved for the ladies.

It was really dull T.V. It was teams of guys just making a bunch of birdies on a course that looked amazing. Nothing crazy came from day one of the event. Except you got the privilege of watching Kevin Na walk in every putt.

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