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Become a Partner

Aloha Press Partner means more than a sign in the ground with your name on it.  The Aloha Press is a media company first and foremost and when you sponsor with our company you have access to our entire platform.  From our Email Newsletter, Podcast, YouTube Show, Instagram Live Show, and Golf Tournaments. 

Goals for our Partners

The Aloha Press has a different style when it comes to Sponsors and Partners.  Typically, a sponsor is highlighted for the day of the event and after the event the relationship ends until the following event. 

Our sponsors and partners start getting in front of our entire audience weeks prior to the event.  Plus our partners live on long after the event.  For example, our sponsors at The Aloha Press Classic were featured on our newsletter, podcast, and YouTube show prior to the event. 

A few of our sponsors also sponsored items that were featured on hats, sweatshirts, golf towels, and tee markers.   

Golf Course

Join the Aloha Press Team

Tee Box

Tee Sponsor is a featured sign on the tee box.  Plus you will be featured in our golf email newsletter with a clickable link. 



Our Player Gifts are unique and one of a kind.  We love having our sponsors live on long after the tournament.  One of the best ways is to sponsor one of our unique player gifts. Your brand will live on! Plus you will be featured in our golf email newsletter with a clickable link. 



 Title Sponsor will be attached to all of our content produced prior to the tournament.  Title Sponsor will be headlined in our Golf Email Newsletter with a clickable link.  The title Sponsor will be showcased at the tournament.  

Long Drive &

Closest to The Pin

Hitting Bombs & Attacking Pins Sponsor is a highlight sponsor for the two Holes that will be featured.

In the dark Partner

We love the support from our business but sometimes sponsors and partners would rather help and be a silent partner. 

Custom Sponsor/Partner

Do you not see your donation package that meets your needs? 

JC can customize your donation and advertising schedule.  

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