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How It Works

A couple of times a week, we send you all the hot & not so popular golf news.  It's like ESPN & Golf Channel had a few cocktails and then wrote you a newsletter.

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We carefully curate every newsletter with the intention of providing golf news in under 5 minutes.  Our emails are delivered without  Ads, Spam Mail, or Bull SHIT!

Our Promise

We promise to give you the news from on and off the golf course.  We also are going to search high & low for the best information! 

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Our newsletter is perfect for guys & gals who are not easily offended.

We cover all things PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, & everything that is trending!

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A little about us...

Hi, My name is JC...

I am the crazy guy who decided to quit my job in the middle of a pandemic, move across the United States, and go all-in on The Aloha Press🌴. 

You might be asking yourself what the hell is the Aloha Press. The term "Aloha Press" is used golfing and is your last-ditch effort to go all in and win it all back on the 18th hole.  

The Aloha Press is more than a brand.  It is a lifestyle with an attitude.  It's about believing in yourself and chasing your dreams.

My dream is to grow the Aloha Press into a family of like-minded golfers who enjoy our gear, newsletter, podcast, and attends our golf events.


But the question is simple!  Do you Aloha Press?  Do you want to join our family of golfers who are willing to go all in and chase our dreams?  Let's do it together! 


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Our Partners*


*And by partners, we mean aspirational partners...these are a few of the brands we'd welcome collaborations with. Is your start-up the next Taylormade, Mercedes, or Jack Daniels? Let's chat about partnerships over a virtual happy hour!

Come for the News,

stay for the community...

Unsubscribe at any time.

No Spam, No Junk Mail, Just Golf! 


I love how The Aloha Press includes the LPGA Tour and gives updates on all the golf news, not just the big boys. 

Readers Testimonials* 

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast


The Aloha Press gives me all the golf news without spending hours watching tournaments.  Without them I'm not sure I could keep up. 


The Aloha Press puts a twist on life and I love it.  I have died laughing at some of the shit they say. Highly recommend signing up!

*These are the comments we hope our readers are saying about our newsletter!!!

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Ever dreamed of becoming a golf writer? It's not as boring as you think!

Hi, I'm Jc.  A few months ago I was writing crime reports.  Now, I write about golf.  It's way easier!  But, I am no expert when it comes to the English Language and that is why I am looking for a few folks who are interested in providing great content to our readers.  

Email me if you are interested.  I would love to chat further!

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