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Greenhorn Creek Resort 

Angels Camp, Ca.

Greenhorn Creek Golf

Recently, it’s been difficult to get out and play some golf, not because of our full time jobs, but because of this damn wet weather!  Lucky for us and other golf fanatics, the skies cleared up for a bit this week and @thealohapress made a quick trip to beautiful Angels Camp, Ca to check out @greenhorncreek.

My ride that morning was a little late, but that was ok because he hooked me up with a new ball cap from the line of @thealohapress gear.  As we drove to the course, we wondered how in all these years of golfing together it took so long to play @greenhorncreek.  Even though it’s only 40 minutes from our homes in @amadorcounty, we were only able to come up with two good reasons.  The first was that we always assumed the course was private and these public course boys would not be allowed (Man were we wrong).  The second was that it was in @calaverascounty, but that type of review is for another day.  

Greenhorn Creek Golf

Upon entering the golf resort neighborhood, it was definitely much more than we had expected.  There were beautiful homes surrounding the course as it rolled through the Northern California Foothills.  After checking in and grabbing the biggest bag of warm up balls that money could buy, one of us headed to the range and the other to the bar.  Unfortunately, only one was open this early in the morning (8:15) and it didn’t have a cure for the “Shakes,” just the “Shanks,” which was ok with us, for now. 

Greenhorn Creek Resort
Greenhorn Creek Resort

It was a back 9 start and we had a little trouble finding the 10th tee, but with some help from the local members we were off and running.  We played the Blue Tees (6,214 Yds), but @greenhorncreek offers four sets of tees, with a few combo setups as well.  #10 is a wide open par 5, which made for a less stressful tee shot to start our round.  We were both in play off the tee (Few) and finished the hole carding a 4 and a 7, someone was 1 up!  As we worked through the first part of our round, we eventually made it to the 13th hole, which some consider the “Signature” hole, but not us.  We’ve never really been fans of extreme downhill par 3’s, especially 

when the course doesn’t provide you with an adjusted yardage for the elevation change.  After a little guess work, we were both dry off the tee and escaped with pars, and a new partner that enjoyed pushing our ass.  We let him play through, which might have made him nervous, as he put his next two shots in the water and O.B. respectively.  Ouch!  Expensive if you’re playing a good ball. 

As we continued our first 9, we stepped onto the tee box at the 18th hole and looked right at each other.  We both said, “Now this is the signature hole!”  #18 is the second par 5 on the back 9 (475 Yds), with bunkers lining both sides of a tight fairway.  In the distance you could see an elevated green with water in front and a big oak and bunkers guarding the right and backside.  Somehow we both found the short grass and we were left with around 200 yards to the flag.  We had options, going for the green would take some balls, or we could lay up to wedge range and try to get up and down for birdie.  For at least this shot, we both decided to go for it.  One missed a little right and the other got lucky and put it on the middle of the green.  Thinking some easy birdies were upcoming, we both relaxed for a second and then the reality of these beautiful, quick greens with sneaky breaks crushed our dreams.   !  A failed up and down and 3 putt par later, we walked away with a 7 and a 5, but at least the bar was open and in sight. 

Greenhorn Creek Resort
Greenhorn Creek Resort

As we entered the bar it was empty, but moments later, from around the corner came the most important man in the building.  He could tell we needed a little “Go Go Juice” and some food, and he was just the man for the job.  We ordered 2 hotdogs, 1 Crown and Diet Coke and 1 regular Coke.  We got 2 hotdogs, 1 Diet Coke and 1 regular Coke, no Crown :( That was ok though, because these hotdogs on warm pretzel buns hit the spot. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 10.49.24

While driving to the #1 tee, we polished off our hotdogs and soda pops, just in time to see the tough tee shot that awaited us.  A par 4 of only 369 yards, but it had a narrow fairway that was protected by bunkers and O.B. left.  These two scaredy-cats took irons off the tee, which one of us striped 112 yards into the center of the fairway!  With 257 yards to the pin, the shot of the day had to be this, “Swing as hard as you can with mustard on your hands” 3-wood that followed.  This shot was hammered and went out of view as it made its way toward the green.  The ball would end up about 6 feet from the cup and made for an easy f$&@“!g par.

Stepping onto the 9th tee (Par 5, 473 Yds), our 18th hole of the day, all of our bets were over and it was, “Birdie or bust!”  Two good drives and some solid approaches left us with two looks at bird.  One went in and the other teased the cup, ending a great round of golf that left us wanting more.  We retired to the bar and finally got that Crown we’d been waiting for.  As we paid our bets and added up the scores (73, 92) we talked about how beautiful this course was.  Given all the rain we’ve been getting here in California, the maintenance crew @greenhorncreek has done a wonderful job keeping this place in great shape.  Each hole is different here and has its own unique challenges, which definitely makes you think off the tee.  We can’t wait to tell our friends all about @greenhorncreek and it’s definitely a course we will be back to very soon.

Question of the day: Do you like putting with the flagstick in? 


For us, this was the first round putting with the flagstick in the entire time.  I thought it helped, but what do you think?  Join our mailing list, follow us on instagram, facebook, youtube, and keep in touch! 

Hope you enjoy! Aloha.


1. Great grass driving range and chipping area.

2. Full bar and restaurant.

3. Fully stocked pro shop.

4. Course maintenance and conditions.

5. Staff was friendly and very helpful.

Story Written By: Jeff Bellotti

Photographs and Video By: JC Cardinale

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