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Aloha Press
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You are about to participate in one of the greatest weekends of your life..  Ok, maybe your golfing life...  Cash, Cigars, Cocktails, and Lot’s of Great Golf….


I want to thank you for joining team APC for this year’s Aloha Press Classic 21’!  Below we will be covering several topics… 


  1. Schedule of Activities.

  2. Golf Groups/Tee Times.

  3. Live-Scoring Instructions.

  4. Golf Rules.

  5. Winners, Skins Game, Closest to Pin Contest

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 Tentative Schedule




2:00 pm: Arrive in South Lake Tahoe and Check into Hotel/Airbnb/Bar


3:00 pm: - 5:00 pm:  Live Podcast Recording With JC & Jeff at Edgewood Tahoe on The Driving Range.  This show will be live and questions are encouraged! 

6:00 pm: - 7:00 pm: Free Time


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Aloha Press Player Party


The event will be hosted by the Aloha Press at the Hard Rock Hotel and room numbers will be sent out the day of arrival.  


Players will have the opportunity to pick up their player gifts and enjoy the Aloha Press Cigar and Cocktail Bar!  Meet the Aloha Press Staff and enjoy a pre-round banter, betting, and a good time.  



Good morning South Lake Tahoe… Let’s pray for No Wind and Lots of Sunshine!!  


11:00 am - 12:30 pm: Boys we have 10 tee times and the groupings and times are attached located below. 


There is no need to check into the pro shop we have already taken care of that.  Just head to the range, bar, gift shop, or snack shack to get your day Aloha Press Classic Started.  


The range balls are complimentary.  Please arrive 10 min prior to your tee time to allow the announcer to learn your name and give you your Aloha Press Hard Card (Scorecard).  Keep in mind we will be utilizing LIVE Scoring,  further details are in section 3 of the player packet. 


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm:  After your round of golf, don’t go anywhere.

We will need you to drop off your scorecard with the scorer and head to the bar, bathroom, snack shack but then head back to the driving range… 


4:30 pm-6:30 pm:  Long Drive Contest for Cash Presented by Wes Windley.  The Aloha Press is bringing their “Trackman” to give everyone a semi-accurate reading. 

Plus, I am sure a few bets will be made for a closest to the pin contest…


9:30 pm - 11:30 pm:

Aloha Press Banners.png

Oh Yeah… Our friends at BBMP are playing host and have opened up the bar at the HardRock and Given us a huge chunk of Cash to Enjoy Some cocktails and cigars.  


The Saturday Night Party will be located on the front entrance patio of the Hard Rock Casino Next to the Big Ass Guitar.  Locate the Fire Pit and worm up with a cocktail from BBMP!  Thank You, Mikey! 




Good Morning…

Head to Edgewood Tahoe for Round 2 of the Aloha Press Classic and envision taking home the Rope Chain Plus a first-place trophy and stack of cash!  Take in a few of the views and check your yardage book… Yup the boys at the Aloha Press changed up the Golf Course… 


Hit the Range, work out those cobwebs from the night before, and head to the #1 tee… 


11:00 am - 12:30 pm: Day 2 Groups and Tee times. 

Hit ‘em far and don’t worry about laying up… The Par 5’s are reachable for everyone!  Hit Bombs, Attack Pins and Winsome Skins.


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm:  


Walking up to the 18th green take it all in and sink your last putt in Tahoe… The Aloha Press Classic thanks you for being part of an incredible tournament, weekend, but it ain’t over.. 


Head to the Scorers table and enjoy Edgewood as we calculate the Winners, Skins Game, and Shine the Trophies for the Final Ceremony!

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Live-Scoring & Leaderboard

At this year's Aloha Press Classic, we are going to use a mobile scorecard and live leaderboard called PlayThru. It will help to simplify scoring and give everyone a real-time look at how all other groups are scoring.

There’s no app to download. All that’s required is a smartphone.

It’s very easy to get started:

  1. Go to the Day 1 Scoring Link provided on a smartphone browser.

  2. Select your name or grouping who you would like to keep score for.

  3. Tap the yellow "Tee Off" button.


After each hole:

  1. Enter your score(s).

  2. Hit "Save & Next Hole" to submit your score.

  3. Wait a second for the next hole to load.

At any time, click the yellow "Live Leaderboard" bar to view a real-time leaderboard directly on your phone.

At the end of the round, you’ll have a chance to review and update all your scores, if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll also need to keep a physical scorecard in case there are connectivity issues on the course. We’ll compare the physical scorecard to the app at the end of the round to make sure there aren’t any errors.

Leaderboard Only

For those only interested in monitoring everyone's progress, tap the link above and wait for the app to load. Below all the golfer names, tap the link to view the leaderboard only.

Day 1 Scoring: ​​

Day 2 Scoring:

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