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Let's book you're experience

with The Aloha Press

Ok it is really easy. 

Kate (JC's awesome kickass wife) contacted Dreams Vista Cancun and talked them into the best deal possible!  If you plan on golfing with The Aloha Press on Thursday and Friday you will have to also register with JC see below.  


"Dreams Vista Cancun" Aloha Press Specialist (Carmen) has promised to price match any great deal for the Aloha Press Retreat 2021.  

Email Carmen the following information and she will find you the best deal!  If you want to be apart of The Aloha Press group please book with Carmen. 



-Name of all travelers.

-How many people are traveling. 

-How many Rooms and What Type of Room..CLICK for room types

-Where will you be flying from. 

-Any Children and ages. 

-Dates of travel. 

-Contact email and phone number. 

Remember to let Carmen know you are traveling with the Aloha Press Group.  

Email Carmen...

If you have any questions please email or call/text JC. 

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