Welcome to “Overreaction Tuesday” I hope I spelled that right…

This week Jeff is back in the hot seat and was ready to react to all the craziness fall golf has to offer! We also started recording a couple of new series of “Golf Education!”

Jeff and I encourage you to download TikTok and follow @thealohapress We might have gone off the deep end with this week’s content… Jeff and I will be dropping daily videos to help you play better golf. Plus, we are going to make you laugh!

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Alright, you can’t wait. I get it! So let me give you a taste of what you might hear this week on TikTok, Instagram, & YouTube Shorts…

  • We will be hosting Wager Wednesday! Big bets and bigger losers.

  • Friday is home to our new show called Fxxk It Friday…

  • But our new favorite show is going to be hosted on Tuesday or whenever we decide to release it! Just the TIP Tuesday!

If this news excites you or makes you a bit uncomfortable… I would encourage you to watch, listen, or laugh! Our titles are meant to piss off and attract people.

Next week we will be providing advice on three things you can’t say to a cart girl. How to hit the long ball, and How to make wagers and always win!


Do you know what a “Discord Group Is?”

Do you want to be a part of a private group that is not censored or controlled by big tech? Do you want to hang out, ask questions, and not worry if what you say will be posted to the internet?

The Aloha Press is going to be releasing our membership platform in the next few weeks. What features would you like to have a part of your community?

I am looking forward to reading your response!


Hit Bombs, Attack Pins, and Aloha Press!

A letter to You! Our investors...

I decided a few months ago… The direction of the Aloha Press wasn’t working anymore… I would talk about things I really didn’t give a shit about. Snooze fest-type stuff.

So last week I flew to Austin, Texas, and hung out with Joe Rogan.

Just kidding… But I did go to Austin, TX, and get to spend a few hours with folks who have built, grown, and inspired hundreds of thousands of people. They talked about mindset, goal setting, and tactics on how to build a community of like-minded people.

Over a cold beer, this person looked at me and asked me a simple question. Why… Why does the Aloha Press exist? Why do you do what you do?

Sure enough, I gave this millionaire a bullshit answer and he stopped me and said, “Do you still want this as much today as the day you started it?” I said, “Fuck Yea.”

“Have you given the Aloha Press every chance to succeed?” The only two words that could come to mind were “FUCK...No.”

So,,, Let’s get to the WHY…

The real reason WHY I started the Aloha Press, it was not to get rich, not to build a giant following, and take over barstool sports…

It was because I had a Drinking Problem. I spent 40-60 hours working at the Sheriff’s Office. I spent 8 years seeing bad shit and I had no clue how to process the horrible shit in my head. But it only scratched the surface of what had happened when I was a child.

So I dealt with my problems the only way I was taught. On the Weekends, I would get shit-faced drunk and act like two different people. The drunk JC was either Fun, Happy, Confident, or Pissed, and Wanted to Fight or Cry. After being drunk, I would spend two days on the couch feeling sorry for myself, aka depressed.

I was destroying the life, I wanted and built. So I decided to get help! I went and talked to a salesperson, I mean a counselor! They suggested I fill my calendar up with so much shit that I didn’t have time to get shit-faced anymore. They also proposed I go to therapy 3-5 days a week at $150 a session for the depression. I sold cars and this sounded like the extended warranty on a three-year lease…

So I decided to take the advice and fill my schedule up. I started listening to podcasts and youtube shows about all kinds of business stuff. I found My First Million Podcast, Sweaty Startup Podcast, and it changed my life. To be honest, I thought to myself if these guys can do it, I know I can.

So, I talked to Jeff and we decided to start a podcast… Fill our time with stuff we wanted to talk about instead of shit we didn’t want to talk about.

But let’s get back to the WHY…

The Aloha Press is not a podcast, youtube show, golf tournament, or two guys who oftentimes try and offend the entire golfing world. The Aloha Press is an organization to inspire, encourage, and create like-minded golfers!

Moving forward, we now know the how and the why. So let me give you the future of the Aloha Press.

We will be opening our doors to the first interactive golf membership and community in the coming weeks.

The community will play host to a members-only podcast, email newsletter, member gift, and you will have access to learn from the very best golfers. Did you get Phill? Maybe!!

But there is more...

The Aloha Press also wants to build better golfers for our events, tournaments, and retreats. I learned in Austin there are plenty of future golfers who love the idea of the game but have no freaking clue how to play it, let alone the crew to play with.

Looking a bit further in the future!!!

The Aloha Press in 2035 will be opening its very own golf club. The Aloha Press will be hiring the boys at the Bellottis Bull Shark Bourban Bar to create and cater to our beverage and appetite needs! (Of Course Cigar Bar!) The golf course will be built in the hills of Amador City and will play host to a group of world members.

More on that later.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my WHY… I would encourage you to look at yourself and see what is your Why!

Do you want to join us on this journey?? Well, we are taking applications or phone calls or emails.

Good Morning and look out folks… This is another addition of your golf email newsletter you are gonna wanna stay until the end!!! We need your help, your votes, and your opinion on a few photos Jeff and I put together.

First off…

Lucas Herbert takes down the hefty, thefty, Patrick, Reed by one shot at the Vaccination Classic… I mean the Butterfield Championship in Bermuda. Lucas gets his first victory and makes his way into the Top 50 in the World Golf Rankings. If you are not sure who Lucas is, well here is a photo for reference.

In the spirit of Halloween, Jeff and I decided to track down a few fun Halloween costumes and made our picks of our favorites.

Who had the better costume? Mr. President? DJ? Mrs. DJ? Or the others?

Check out this week’s Aloha Press Podcast and YouTube show for all of our reactions but let’s give you a taste of what we are working with!


YouTube Show...Watch

I hope you enjoyed this week's newsletter... As Jeff and I will be making an announcement about the Aloha Press in the coming weeks, stay tuned, and as always... Hit Bombs, Attack Pins, and Aloha Press Cheers!

P.S. Did I mention, Jeff and I made our picks for this week's PGA Tour Event. We not only made our picks but also dropped some bombs on who is going to take down Cancun Mexico!

Do you need odds?