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About Me

My name is JC and I am the founder of The Aloha Press.  I was in law enforcement for approximately 10 years.  I learned many life lessons, some good, and some not so good.  I enjoyed every day I was inside the facility or out pushing a patrol car.  But I sacrificed my time with my family and decided to choose a different path in life.  In December 2018 The Aloha Press was born. 


I learned the term "The Aloha Press" from a mentor, Foosum.  Foo declared on the 18th hole you could triple your bet and go all in, by electing to Aloha Press.  The Aloha Press gives you one last opportunity to bet on yourself when things have not gone great.  So I decided to sell everything I owned and went all in on The Aloha Press.  I moved to Atlanta, GA in May of 2020, and relaunched The Aloha Press as an email newsletter about golf.  We also provide entertaining content through our podcast/youtube show and social media.  

So when your back is up against the wall, go all in, bet to win, and always Aloha Press. 

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